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The Band

South Florida is on the search for Hialeah band Stop The Presses. Responsible for the dynamic and riveting shows, they are rallying across our state. Front woman Ali Culotta, soprano and keyboard, is backed by harmonious vigilantes, Danny Portilla, Keko Kubat, and Gus Rojo. Ali and guitarist Danny formed Stop The Presses in mid 2010 after punk-rockabilly drummer Gus and latin-funk-rock bassist, Keko joined the group.

Audiences can listen for traditional ska sounds brought to a new level by rock, pop, and big band influences, all together defined as fourth wave ska. Be prepared for this quartet to be armed and dangerous with new songs, inspired by the old and new, all the while claiming and inspiring their growing population of fans, the Newsies.

In such a short time the band has accomplished phenomenal events throughout Florida; radio and web play in multiple states; mention and reviews in multiple publications and websites such as Miami New Times, Antisteez.tv, and finally the greatly anticipated release of there hit EP: “Does it Still Look Pretty?”


Ali Culotta - Vocals and Keys   Danny Portilla - Guitar and Vocals   Keko Kubat - Bass and Vocals   Gus Rojo - Drums and Vocals